Touchlin Pro Stoke on Trent print and embroidery all done in house

Work wear & PPE

Workwear and PPE available at Touchline Pro, Embroidery & Print in Stoke on Trent
Design a bespoke hooded top for your work place or event wih our nhouse prin and design team
add a company brand or logo to shirts, jackets and tops to help yur brand stand out inthe crowd from Touchline Pro Stoke

Corporate Wear

Shirts, blouses, polos, knitwear,
jumpers, v-neck jumpers, zip-jumpers,
ties and accessories.


Polos, t-shirts, trousers, aprons, fleeces,
footwear, high visibility, medical, shorts,
socks, protective gear & accessories.

Leisure Wear


Hoodies, tracksuits, polos, tshirts.

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Experienced in house embrooidery team who can cter fo your needs with bespoke embroidery here at Touchline Pro Stoke on Trent

In House Embroidery

With over 30 years experience, our team are able to offer you the best embroidery advice.

We can digitise your logo for embroidery with a one off set up fee of £20+vat

Our in house design and print department can design you a bespoke desgin and heat pess/print the design on to garments that you choose

In House Printing

We use Versacamm, Vinyl and sublimation prints  for your garments.

We can print on all different types of material.

Designing Your Logo

The designing of a logo fro your brand is quick and simple and if you follow a few simple guidelines the set up of your logo with us at Touchline Pro will be made easy.


Keep in mind not all designs are going to be suitable for embroidery, designers love to use colour shading which is not always possible to replicate in embroidery as thread does not operate this way and you will be disappointed with the end result for an embroidered logo the less colours the better but all colours can be used and mixed.


Another point to think about is what item of clothing is the embroidery or print going on, Polo shirt, Corporate Shirt, T-Shirt or PPE item like a High Visibility jacket or vest certainly the Hi Viz may well be suited to a printed logo on vinyl rather than embroidery and usually in a darker colour. 

Size of the logo is also a major factor as well you don't really want a big massive breast logo as it will look all out of proportion and not the professional look you might be going for, we suggest and try to work towards between 80 -100mm wide for a front LHB (Left Hand Breast) or RHB logo.

Text is again important but don't put to much text on as the height of the text can be no less than approximately 5-6mm for the likes of a strapline or web address.


Other issues you may encounter is trying to be to detailed with your logo when you come to the design it for possible embroidery, remember it is basically a needle punching through a garment and so only so much is achievable. Don't have thread (or colours) running over other threads/colours too many times as this will look a mess when the embroidery has finished.

Our design team at Touchline Pro are always happy to guide you and we do a design set up which is between £10-£20 depending on the design you are looking to achieve, we can then digitise the logo for embroidery which is £20+vat set up fee.

We always try to provide you with a artwork proof of your garment plus your logo so that you can see what is been created before we go ahead and press the buttons on the machines.

Contact us with what you are looking for and we will contact you back ASAP

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